Shark Life Speciality Course


sharklife_vert_large_merged_small   Qualification: Shark Life Speciality
Min Age: 10 Requirements: (Jr.) Open Water Diver or qualifying rating
Learning Materials: Shark Life Crew Pack Scuba Gear
You'll Need: Basic Scuba Gear, Accessories
Duration: Two Days

Whale Shark Course

Whale sharks are one the least understood animals on the planet, find out all there is to know about this creatures amazing biology and beauty.


Tiger Shark Course

Tiger sharks are one of the most misunderstood and unique of all sharks. Usually a shy species and remarkably approachable in certain circumstances this shark has been incorrectly labelled a man eater.


Ragged-tooth Shark Course

The Ragged-tooth shark or Sand Tiger shark is unique from other sharks in a number of ways. Learn about its unusual reproductive method and how it can float while other sharks sink!


Manta Ray Course

Unbeknown to many divers, rays and sharks are very closely related. This course looks at the biology and behaviour of the largest ray in the ocean.