The PADI Seal Team is essentially a Scuba Club for kids between the ages of 8 and 12 years.

How Does My Child Become a PADI Seal?

We have split the programme into 3 Sessions which will take place over 3 days half days.
Your child will then do 5 Aqua Missions under the supervision of our trained PADI instructors, including underwater breathing and swimming, hand signals and much, much more to keep them entertained both whilst having fun and learning how to respect the underwater world.

Once your child has completed all 5 Aqua Missions he/she will then be a fully qualified official PADI Seal Team member, and receive his/her PADI Seal Team membership card.
The fun isn’t over yet though, PADI offers another 10 speciality Aqua Missions for qualified PADI Seal Team members at an additional fee per Aqua Mission.

Specialities include:

  • Creature ID Specialist
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Inner Space Specialist,
  • Navigation Specialist
  • Night Specialist
  • Safety Specialist
  • Search and Recovery Specialist
  • Skin Diver Specialist
  • Snapshot Specialist
  • Wreck Specialist.

Complete them all and become a PADI Master Seal Team member!




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